Irazoo: Another Great Site to make easy money

Irazoo is another GPT (get points to) site, where you do certain “activities” and you get rewarded with points.  These points can be exchanged for cash (deposited to paypal) or giftcards (dozens of retail cards, even Amazon gift cards are available).  It’s a lot like Swagbucks, and has quickly become my second favorite site (Swagbucks is my first).  One can earn points for activities like
  • completing surveys
  • playing games,
  • completing offers
  • watching videos
  • listening to radio (thru radio loyalty)
My favorite was is it click on EngageTV video & radio loyalty..I play the video in a separate tab on chrome browser and when you click on radio loyalty opens up another window.  Have them going on while I do something else on the computer.  Points are being accumulated and I don’t have to do anything!!  Click this link to go to Irazoo and use promo code: HKVUUL…you will get an instant 500 points!!   Well on your way to getting a quick $5.00!!

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